September 2018

Child rapist exposed on social media is jailed

A sex offender who repeatedly made contact with children while on parole has been sentenced to an extra 16 months behind bars.

Jeremy Raikes, 50, from Bisley, met with children, sometimes with no-one else present and without their parents knowing of his past, a Gloucester Crown Court judge heard.

His previous offending was exposed on social media.

Raikes was jailed for 15 years in 2008 for five offences of raping a girl aged between 11 and 15.

On Tuesday he admitted breaching a sexual harm prevention order five times between August 19 last year and July 9 this year.

His lawyer Joe Maloney said his client wanted a ‘normal family life’ following his release on licence in January 2016. However, Recorder Edward Burgess QC, expressed his scepticism about Raikes’ motivations, saying he viewed him as a ‘dishonest and manipulative man’ before jailing him for 16 months.

Update: Released in 2016. Jerry Allen has now changed his name to Jerry Raikes.  Currently self employed as a gardener in the Cheltenham area

May 2008

Rapist sentenced to 75 years – But will serve just 8

A teenager who was sexually abused four years ago has urged other rape victims to report their abusers

Jerry Allen, 40 formerly of Winchcombe who made the girl pregnant by raping her was described by a judge as a ‘deeply manipulative and devious man’ who had put the girl through an enormous and shocking ordeal 

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was at Gloucester Crown Court to hear the sentence and said afterwards: ‘Im just glad with the result.’

Allen maintained his denials of any sexual abuse towards the girl, even though DNA evidence on the terminated foetus the girl was carrying showed he was the father

The girl was first raped when she was 11 and the abuse continued until she was 15

A jury at Gloucester Crown Court convicted him of five counts of raping the girl spanning a period of five years from 2001 – 2006

It was in May 2006, that his crimes came to light when the girl made a disclosure to a councillor at her school

When interviewed by police, the victim said when she was 11, when Allen climbed into bed next to her, and molested, sexually assaulted or raped her. These incidents continued with regularity – up to four times a week 

In September 2006, the girl fell pregnant, but a dangerous complication occurred, which was called a ‘Molar pregnancy’, which meant the foetus would fail to come to term

Although a total sentence of 15 years imprisonment on each of the rape charges was imposed = 75 years – The sentence was to run concurrently, which would mean Allen could be released as early as 2016, serving just 8 years in prison

The judge imposed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order barring the man from residing in any household with children, and for having any unsupervised contact with any child. 

Allen must also not engage in any work or activity with anyone under 18 and is disqualified from working with children for life

The judge ordered Allen to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life

The case had taken to years from start to conclusion due to forensic evidence and a change in the defendants barrister