June 2018

Child rapist sentenced


A child rapist has been sentenced after abusing multiple children

Former soldier Ian Knight was found guilty of ten sex offences, including two of ­repeatedly raping one of four victims – three girls and a boy – from when she was only eight.

The 55-year-old predator of Nuneaton, Warks, was jailed for 12 years in March

Knight also assaulted a young boy during a game of hide and seek. He evaded ­justice for 40 years until one of his victims went to the police, after many years of counselling, and other victims came forward.

The victim ­added: “To find out the man ­responsible for my trauma has been to such a worthy occasion fills me with fury.

“His victims are deserve recognition and not him. I hope we can all find peace and he rots in prison where he belongs.”