May 2018

Paedophile sentenced after abusing 10 children

A paedophile who sexually abused 10 children for his ‘hedonistic and debauched pleasure’ has been jailed for 21 years.

Stanley Moore, 67, raped a girl in her bed and indecently assaulted nine other youngsters in a harrowing catalogue of abuse dating between 1969 and 2013.

Moore abused two boys, aged 12 and 13, after giving them the sleeping aid Melatonin.

According to the charges some of the abuse was physical as well as sexual.

Moore was finally arrested in 2016 when one of his victims, who was receiving counselling, complained to police.

He denied 31 charges against him and claimed the allegations were all lies.

But the pensioner, dressed in grey suit with a blue tie, was convicted of every charge after a month-long trial at Blackfriars Crown Court.

 Judge Rajev Shetty told Moore: ‘You are 67 years old and now stand convicted of 31 counts involving serious sexual assaults over a period of 40 plus years.

‘Several of these victims were young children under the age of 10 who fell victim to your depravity.

‘You violated them for your own hedonistic and debauched pleasure.

‘You had no thought for the victims and still show no remorse.

‘You contested the charges and each one of the victims had to relive their dreadful experiences in court.

‘All these victims were vulnerable because of their personal circumstances and age.’

‘No other sentence than a substantial one can be justified.’

Prosecutor John Price, QC, told jurors: ‘Stanley Moore has been sexually abusing children and young people for more than four decades. ‘It started when he was still a very young man in 1969, he would have been 19.

‘It has continued right up to the time not long before he was first arrested when he was a man in his mid 60s. ‘Mr Moore’s answer to his many accusers is to call them all malicious liars. ‘Everything they say he did to them, he denies.

‘The prosecution say, of course, that it is Stanley Moore who is lying.

‘Trying to avoid the consequences for him, of the terrible harm he has inflicted upon so many young children over so many years.

‘He on the other hand, says that it is them, all 10 of them, similarly are falsely accusing, an innocent man.’

Moore, of Crescent Road, Shepperton, Surrey, denied but was convicted of:

  • 14 counts of indecent assault upon a female

  • 3 counts of willful ill-treatment of a child

  • 1 count of rape

  • 4 counts of indecent assault upon a male person

  • 3 counts of sexual activity with a child under 13

  • 5 counts of sexual activity with a child under 16

  • 1 count of sexual assault.

He was jailed for a total of 21 years and ordered to pay £37,697.82 in costs.