May 2018

‘Twisted’ paedophile finally jailed nearly five decades after his sickening crimes

Justice has finally caught up with a child rapist – after nearly five decades.

Robert Girdlestone, 75, began abusing two little girls in the 1970s, police said.

His vile crimes continued for several years when the victims were in their teens as he attacked them in secret.

Now he has been jailed for 16 years after one of his victims had the courage to come forward and spent four years battling for justice.

When Girdlestone, from Sale, was first arrested back in 2015 he denied everything.

After numerous delays to the case due to ill health, and Girdlestone’s failure to turn up to court for a previous trial, he has finally been found guilty of 14 counts of rape and sexual assault of a child.

He had denied the offences but was found guilty.

Preston Crown Court heard how Girdlestone subjected two girls to his sexual abuse for several years.

His behaviour then escalated to raping one of the girls, which he did on a number of occasions, it was said.

After one of the victims came forward to police about Girdlestone’s offences, an investigation was launched in June 2014.

The following May, Girdlestone was arrested and, despite denying everything, evidence was discovered by police which subsequently led to his conviction.

Girdlestone, of Sefton Road, Sale , was found guilty of 14 counts of rape and sexual assault of a child.