May 2018

Pervert downloaded child sex abuse images and files featuring animals

A paedophile downloaded child sex abuse images and files featuring animals.

Graham Murray, 33, searched for images of pre-teens and bestiality on the internet, Ayr Sheriff Court heard.

Murray smiled as he left court despite being added to the sex offenders’ register in the dock.

Police raided his home in Church Court, Ayr, and seized computers as part of an investigation.

Officers found horrific child sexual abuse images and depraved images depicting animal sadism among a stash of 2,067 indecent files.

Murray possessed three images of animal sadism in the most serious A category.

They involved animals being hurt for sexual pleasure.

A total of 1,682 images were unique.

Depute fiscal Jason Bell said cybercrime experts discovered Murray had searched for bestiality and pre-teen youngsters as he binged on abusive images.

Mr Bell said pictures showed “extreme pornography”.

The content was found on two hard drives and two computers seized from his home in 2015.

After the seizure, Murray was taken to a police station and replied ‘no comment’ to every question put to him.

Sheriff Desmond Leslie ordered the preparation of a criminal justice social work report to find out more about his background.

The sheriff told Murray: “You are registered as a sex offender on an interim basis.”

He is due back in court next month for sentencing and was released on bail.