May 2018

Ex police admin worker caught with indecent images of children

A former civilian police worker was caught with a stash of indecent pictures of youngsters he had downloaded five years ago on his PC.

Brian Moakes, 58, of Hatfield Avenue, Fleetwood, had worked in an administrative role for the Met Police, but moved to Lancashire with his new partner in 2016, bringing with him the offending PC.

It was found to contain more than 160 vile images – including 25 at category A which is the most serious in law.

A warrant was carried out at his home at 8am on June 24, 2016, Preston’s Sessions House court was told – and Moakes immediately told police: “It was me.”

was given a jail term, suspended of two years, after admitting three counts of making indecent images of children between September and November 2013.

Prosecution, Hanifa Patel revealed a cache of search terms revealed he had sought out “paedo boys” “incest” and “baby girl and baby boy”.

She said: “His Dell laptop was seized by police and sent off for examination hut whilst that was being done the defendant was interviewed and he admitted during that interview to viewing child images, adding he had suffered from depression.

Suspending his eight month jail term for two years and imposing and alcohol treatment order and sexual harm prevention order, Judge Simon Newell said: “What you have to be aware of is it’s not just a question of looking at images. Somewhere in this country or another country someone is abusing those children.

“It’s really happening – it’s not made up, it’s not a cartoon, its not actors – and that wouldn’t happen if there weren’t people looking at it on a computer.”