February 2018

Paedophile lesbian tricked schoolgirls into having sex by making them think she was a boy

A “controlling and obsessive” lesbian has been jailed for having sexual relationships with two schoolgirls who she hoodwinked into believing she was a boy.

Jordana Davidson has been jailed for two-and-a-half years after admitting four out of five offences of sexual activity with a child, and was convicted of a fifth charge.

Mold Crown Court heard that the 20-year-old Davidson had sex with two underage girls, one when she was almost 19 when she had sex with a girl of 13.

The court was told that Davidson, of Rosehill Road, Rhyl, North Wales, had also became sexually involved with another underage teenage girl.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said “They were both quite naive. There was a degree of vulnerability. You misled them as to your gender.”

Prosecutors told the court that one victim was convinced that Davidson was a boy because of her short hair.

The court heard that there was also Facebook contact with the victims and that Davidson was controlling, obsessive and quite dominant of the two girls.

It was stated that Davidson was “significantly older” than one victim having long left school and she was even “warned off” one of her victims by a concerned relative.

“Sexually you were far more advanced,” Rowlands told the court on Thursday (8 February) whilst sentencing Davidson, on the basis there was no violence involved in any of her crimes.

The judge stated that he was satisfied the defendant was a “much the stronger personality” than her victims and the behaviour was repeated.

“The law is designed to protect children,” the judge said, “An immediate custodial sentence is called for.”

The judge handed Davidson a sexual harm prevention order to last indefinitely and a restraining order prohibiting the defendant from contacting the two victims for the next five years.