June 2014

Phillip Leivers child rape trial: Former East Lindsey councillor admits touching young girl


A former Lincolnshire councillor accused of raping a nine-year-old girl admitted touching her after a game to guess the colour of her underwear. 

Phillip Leivers, 79, the former manager of the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, claimed he met the girl after she felt unwell at the cinema and walked her home. 

Leivers started letting her into the venue to see bands and films for free – and she would visit him in his office. 

The jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Leivers claim he’d only touched the youngster on two occasions, the first when she was 11 or 12-years-old. 

Leivers said: “It was when she was starting at secondary school. She came in her school uniform and she did look lovely. She really was a very pretty girl. 

“It was a brown uniform, with a brown skirt and everything, and I said ‘I suppose you’ve got brown knickers on as well’.

“She said no, and I said they must be dark blue, and she said no, and then I said maybe white, and she said no. 

“I said ‘well you’ll have to show me then’, and she did.” 

Leivers claimed the game continued as he touched the girl. 

He said: “I felt extremely embarrassed, I said ‘you’d better get on home’, I thought no one will believe that happened. 

“We got on extremely well. I did see myself as a bit of a father figure actually.” 

Leivers said he had only one other physical encounter with the girl. 

She turned up at his house early in the morning on a hot summer’s day a few years later – and they took a shower together. 

Ian McLoughlin, prosecuting, said: “You gave her tickets and sweets and money, what did she have to give you in return for that?” 

Leivers replied: “Nothing, she was a lovely girl and I can’t believe she’s gone into the witness box to say there was sexual intercourse.” 

The alleged victim said in a statement she was sitting at home watching a BBC News broadcast when she saw Leivers as a councillor talking about wind turbines being built in his district. 

She went to the police. 

Leivers, who represented Chapel St Leonards on East Lindsey District Council, resigned from his post following allegations in October last year. 

Leivers, of Maplebeck, Sea Bank Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire, denies seven counts of rape, seven counts of indecent assault and five counts of indecency with a child.

The trial continues……….