May 2014

Former haulage company owner who sexually abused schoolgirl is jailed for six years

A former haulage company owner who sexually abused a schoolgirl has been jailed for six-and-a-half years.

Lee Jonathan Marlow (46) pleaded guilty to eight counts of indecently assaulting the child when she was aged between 11 and 14.

Leicester Crown Court was told the abuse had devastated the victim’s life.

Sentencing, Judge Robert Brown said: “The offences didn’t come to light for 20 years.

“Her life has been ruined. She’s lost her confidence and is full of self-doubt.

“She can’t enjoy normal sexual relationships because she’s haunted in those situations by the memory of what you did to her.

“Hopefully, with counselling and help, she will regain her life.”

The victim was an adult by the time she complained to police.

Judge Brown told Marlow, of Coltsfoot Way, Broughton Astley: “You abused her for your own sexual pleasure. You contrived situations to make it possible.”

Marlow was placed on a sexual offences prevention order for life, prohibiting unsupervised contact with females under 16.

He will also have to enlist on a sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, said the offences involved touching and a non-penetrative sex act, representing four separate incidents.

Miss Rose said the defendant told the victim they had “a secret”.

She said: “The complainant was at secondary school by the time she realised what he had done was wrong. It left her feeling ashamed.”

Miss Rose said: “She confronted the defendant at one point and told him she could never forgive him for what he’d done to her.”

Rebecca Herbert, mitigating, said: “There’s no excuse for his behaviour and he recognises the appalling nature of this abuse.

“He accepts fully that the consequences, for the complainant, have been huge and far- reaching.

“He’s been long-expecting it to come to light.

“It’s not something that happened repetitively and no force or threats were used.

“In other respects, he’s lived a fairly unremarkable life and worked hard to provide for his family.

“He formerly had a haulage business which was successful, but he’s now liquidated it.

“He’s lost his business because of what has happened.”