August 2012

Convicted child rapist in court again for another child rape

A paedophile who forced a young girl to have sex with him after luring her to his home was convicted of rape more than 35 years ago, it was revealed in court.

Alan Ranns was jailed for three years in 1976 for raping a girl who had been kidnapped and was found tied up in the back of a car.

Ranns raped the young girl after luring her to his home with the promise of a slumber party, the Old Bailey heard. Alan Ranns woke the terrified girl before grabbing her by her ankles and dragging her into his bathroom, it was said. He then raped her before forcing the youngster to perform a sex act on him

The 61-year-old is facing another prison sentence after a jury at the Old Bailey found him guilty of raping and assaulting a girl he had enticed to a sleepover at his home.