October 2010

Paedophile sentenced for images

A CRICKET club security guard with an interest in cross-dressing was found to have hundreds of pornographic images of children on his mobile phones.

John Embleton said the images were unwanted but had been sent to him because of his interest in dressing in women’s clothes.

One phone was recovered from his home at Riverside Cottages, alongside Durham County Cricket Club’s ground, in Chester-le-Street, in November last year.

A second, also containing offending material, was found in Embleton’s work locker.

When interviewed he claimed he received lots of material on his mobile phone and deleted much of it, but some of the people he was in text correspondence must have also sent him indecent images.

But a judge at Durham Crown Court told Embleton he did not believe the claim, because some of the images had been on the phones for more than a year.

The court was told that Embleton is now living in a caravan in a friend’s garden.

Judge Michael Cartlidge sentenced Embleton to a two-year supervision order, with a condition that he attends a treatment programme for sex offenders. He must sign on to the sex offenders’ register for five years.

The judge said: “I do not believe these images were unsolicited and I do not believe you are telling the truth.

“Sex offenders are often reluctant to confront their behaviour. The case warrants a short period in custody, but I am conscious you spent more than a month in prison on remand.”