Nov 2003

PC jailed for illegal sex

A SPECIAL police constable from Barry has been jailed after being caught on CCTV having under-age sex with a schoolgirl.

Divorced father Graham Clarke of Gerddi Margaret pleaded guilty to five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one of abduction of a 15-year old girl in Dudley.

Sentencing him to a two-and-a-half year prison term, Judge Robert Orme told Clarke: “You are 44 years old and should have known better than to have a relationship with a vulnerable girl.

“The law has to protect girls like her from more worldly-wise people like you.”

Prosecuting counsel Mr Michael Burrows told Wolverhampton Crown Court that the victim was a 15-year-old girl from Walsall.

Clarke met her in an internet chatroom and struck up a relationship which started with him helping her with her homework.

They then met on a number of occasions and had sex several times, said Mr Burrows.

He was caught after a CCTV operator filmed Clarke and the girl, who was in her school uniform, having sex in the defendant’s car in Stafford Street, Dudley.

He was arrested and bailed but continued to see the teenager and was locked up again.

Defending counsel Miss Samantha Powis told the court that her client, who has no previous convictions, was not a paedophile or a menace to children.

Clarke had not used any force or coercion and the girl had never made any complaint.