August 2017

This prolific Wallsend paedophile has admitted further sick sex offences against young boys

A prolific paedophile who is already locked-up for abusing boys has admitted further sickening attacks on more young victims.

In 2010, loner David Dale was given an indefinite hospital order after posing as a teenager to lure his two 10-year-old victims to a field in order to viciously sexually assault them.

The 28-year-old, then aged 21, befriended the lads after a chance meeting in a corner shop and asked them if he wanted to see his den before abusing them in a grassed area in Wallsend.

However, a court heard, since Dale was given the hospital order for those attacks, three further victims have been identified.

Now, Dale, formally of Shakespeare Street, Wallsend, has been given a further hospital order after he pleaded guilty to 17 sexual offences, including rape and attempted rape.

Newcastle Crown Court was told, in 2016, a boy reported to the police that he too had been abused by Dale around 2009 when he was nine or 10-years-old.

Police interviewed Dale in hospital and he initially denied the allegations.

But, three-months-later, the paedophile confessed to medical staff and officers that he had abused the boy and also named two further victims he’d sexually attacked in 2006 and 2008.

Lee Fish, prosecuting, said Dale had targeted the youngsters in areas of Shiremoor and East Howdon and, on one occasion, had again used the pretence of wanting to show the victim his den.

Mr Fish said: “In April last year, a man reported being sexually abused by this defendant. This resulted in the defendant being interviewed by the police.

“During the course of the interview, the defendant denied he had abused the man.

“However, in July 2016, the case took a rather unexpected turn because the defendant approached his ward manager in hospital. The defendant was keen to speak about the offences he had committed in the past and he provided notes and admitted he had committed a number of sexual offences against children.”

As well as the man who had reported Dale, the pervert also gave the names of two other boys he had abused.

Mr Fish added: “The two [victims] were spoken to and they disclosed they had in fact been sexually abused by this defendant. It all culminated in the defendant pleading guilty on June 28 this year.”

The court heard the latest three victims were nine or 10 and 11 when the were abused by Dale and two have since attempted suicide.

In a statement, one boy said: “The crimes committed on me have had a massive impact on my life and my family. They stole so much from my life. They stripped me of my self-worth. They have caused me to have so many problems growing-up.”

Another victim, who started taking drugs when he was 13 to block out memories of the abuse, said: “I feel like I’m totally on my own and I can’t talk to anybody, which torments me everyday.

“I have had trouble sleeping for years and I regularly have nightmares, although I can’t remember what they’re about. I have been prescribed sleeping tablets in the past.”

Giving Dale another indefinite hospital order, with a restriction order, Mr Recorder Wheeler said; “I’m satisfied, not withstanding the extremely serious nature of these offences and the affect not only on the men concerned but on their extended families, that the appropriate sentence in this case would be making a hospital order.

“I’m also satisfied that, taking into account the nature of the offences, their extreme nature, your previous convictions and the risk of you committing further offences if you were at liberty, that it is necessary for the protection of the public to make a restriction order attached to te hospital order.”

Dale has already been ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and he was made subject of an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

April 2010

Paedophile who abused two 10-year-old lads is locked up

POSING as a teenager, twisted loner David Dale lured his 10-year-old victims off the streets before sexually attacking them.

He befriended the lads, aged 10, after a chance meeting in a corner shop as they went on an errand for their parents.

The predatory paedophile then made every mum and dad’s worst nightmare come true as he abducted and then viciously and sexually attacked them.

The dangerous 21-year-old befriended the pair, pretended to be 14 and asked if they wanted to see his den.

Having lured them to a field in Wallsend, Dale subjected them both to sickening attacks then threatened to kill them.

Now Dale has been locked up indefinitely after he admitted attempted rape and sexual activity with a child.

James Adkin, prosecuting at Newcastle Crown Court said: “This was an extremely serious sexual assault on two young boys who had been sent to the local shop.

“He introduced himself to the boys as George and when they left he shop he pursued them.

“It’s the prosecution case that he deliberately targeted the boys for the sexual assault which followed.

“Afterwards he said he knew where they lived and he would kill them if they told anyone about what had happened.”

The youngsters had been sent to the shops around 6pm on December 29, 2008.

Having engaged them in conversation in the shop, Dale followed them outside and offered to take them to his den.

The court heard despite being 20 at the time, Dale appeared much younger and fooled his naive victims into believing he was just 14.

He led them to a secluded spot in a field and at this stage his friendliness turned to nastiness.

Mr Adkin said: “When they arrived the defendant said neither of them could leave unless they did what he wanted.

“He separated the boys and sexually attacked one then the other.

“He then offered them £100 if they would kiss him and said he wanted to see them again sometime.”

Despite Dale’s threats to the terrified youngsters they both immediately told their parents of their ordeal.

One victim’s mother said: “I feel guilty for letting the boys go to the shop alone.”

Judge John Evans imposed an indefinite hospital order on Dale, of Shakespeare Street, Wallsend, who he said posed a significant risk to the public.

The judge said: “It’s clear the two boys were subjected to a dreadful experience at your hands.

“It’s also clear that despite the tremendous support they have had from their families what you did has had a significant impact on both boys.”

Tony Hawks, for Dale, said the pervert’s father was serving life for murder and his mother had abandoned him.

Mr Hawks said: “As a result of this offence he will no doubt be branded a paedophile, a pervert and a beast.