February 2015

Prolific Ilkeston paedophile jailed for seven years

Benjamin Mortley-Green

Ilkeston paedophile Benjamin Mortley-Green has been jailed for seven years for downloading 14,000 indecent images of children.

When police searched his home they found images stored on a range of media devices.

He also posed as a teenage boy in a online chatroom.

The 36-year-old of Rutland Street was told by Judge Hilary Watson at Derby Crown Court that he had ‘pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes’ when it was discovered he had started offending two weeks after his release from prison for similar offences, and was on a sexual offender’s order.

He pleaded guilty to nine counts of making and distributing indecent images.

His defence, Emma Hodgeson, asked the judge to consider imposing a community order, instead of a prison term on the basis that he would have a better chance of rehabilitation.

However Judge Watson said that Mortley-Green was a danger to the public and said the images found were ‘perverted’.

“The information from Derbyshire Constabulary indicates that within two weeks of release you were looking at images and chatting on the internet fantasising about abusing children.”

Judge Watson said the category A images were ‘very explicit indeed’ and proved Mortley-Green was a risk to the wider public, the internet community and the individuals subject to the photography.

She said he had not co-operated with police and the probation service: “You failed to outline that you were spiralling back into the offending. You were offered every assistance to change your ways to prevent re-offending. You had every opportunity to make the changes but, quite frankly, have thrown them back in the faces of those working with you.

“You posed as a young teenage boy and have used contacts through voluntary activities to be put in touch with young teenage boys, and on one occasion you made video footage of a boy you had been in contact with through swimming.

“You pulled the wool over the eyes of those working with you. It is highly likely in your case that the concealment indicates the length you are prepared to go to in order to re-offend.”

Judge Watson sentenced Mortley-Green to a total of seven years in prison. He is expected to serve two thirds of the sentence before being released on licence.

Paedophile jailed in 2011 for 100,000 images of children, pleads guilty to new indecent images

An Ilkeston paedophile downloaded 14,000 indecent images of children, a court has heard.

Benjamin Mortley-Green was already on a sex offenders order for similar offences when he downloaded and shared the images and videos, Derby Crown Court heard on Monday.

Mortley-Green, 36, of Rutland Street, pleaded guilty to a total of nine charges on February 4, of making and distributing indecent images.

These ranged from category A to C, A being the most extreme.

When police searched his home they found equipment including laptops, hard drives and an iPad containing 11,000 images and 11 category A movies.

These were mostly of boys aged eight to 13.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Deen, said: “There were just under 1,500 category A images. His iPad contained 165 images but showed the images had been shared on aps such as Whatsap.

An iPhone showed images had been shared on Whatsap and Kik messenger, and a Dropbox account was password protected.

“The defendant was interviewed and accepted the items were his but said he had ‘batch downloaded’ the images and had not looked at them all, but there was a suggestion that they had been done over a long period of time.

“There are a number of aggravating factors in this case; previous convictions, the fact he is on licence, the fact it contains a significant number of moving images the fact he continued to conceal evidence.”

When Mortley-Green was released from prison in April 2013 he maintained, in meetings with his probation worker, that the only media device he had was his mum’s laptop.

However, in the meetings he discussed involvement in inappropriate fantasy chat on the internet.

He said he was in possession if indecent images. Police searched his home and discovered a laptop with 11 category A movies, 76 category B movies and 35 category C movies. An external hard drive contained 11,000 images.

They also found a CD containing 103 images, 672 images that had been backed up but were not active, and 319 images on a thumb drive.

Mortley-Green was due to be sentenced by Judge Hilary Watson on Monday but the case was adjourned until March 4 after Mortley-Green’s defence barrister, Emma Hodgeson, gave the judge a psychiatric report on Mortley Green to consider.

The pervert was jailed in December 2011 for 32 months after sharing images online. The judge told him it had taken over his life

December 2011

Paedophile who viewed 100,000 child-abuse images on net is jailed

A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed after sharing more than 100,000 images of children on the internet.

Benjamin Mortley-Green was told by a judge that his obsession with child pornography had “taken over his life”

Jailing him for 32 months, Judge John Gosling told him: “I’m not here to insult or humiliate you or to punish you for what’s going on inside your head.

“The punishment is for the truly extraordinary extreme to which you’ve indulged yourself in pictures of child abuse.”

Mortley-Green, 33, admitted 13 offences of taking indecent images of children, three offences of distributing them and one offence of possessing the images. His pleas were entered at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court in October.

Judge Gosling said: “The library you have amassed appears to be huge.

“You’ve not only received and created them but also distributed them on a substantial scale. When not viewing them you’re busy fantasising about them with other men on the internet.”

Sarah Lloyd, prosecuting, told Derby Crown Court that police confiscated five computers from his home in Rutland Street, Ilkeston, last year. Police were led to his address after he uploaded child pornography using an e-mail address registered to him.

She said 110,682 images and videos were found, ranging from the least serious category one to the most serious category five.

Miss Lloyd added that most of them were category one.

She said: “The defendant used Windows Live Messenger and Skype to distribute the images.”

She added that Mortley-Green also posed on the internet as a 14-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl to get young people to send him pictures.

“On one occasion he asked a 15-year-old boy to send a picture, which he did,” he said.

“He fully admitted all the offences, saying he had had a sexual interest in children for some 10 years.”

In mitigation, Martin Smith said that Mortley-Green had been having counselling for the last five months.

He added: “Since his arrest he has not further offended.”

In sentencing, Judge Gosling said: “These offences are serious because of the damage that they do to children.

“These children grow up to learn these images can never be deleted – they will always be out there.”

Judge Gosling also ordered that the five computers should be destroyed.