Dec 1998

Southend pensioner jailed for indecent snaps

A pensioner who took indecent photographs of a child has been jailed for three months.

Walter Welbourne, 72, took the indecent snaps of a girl under 16 while she was staying with him.

A Southend magistrate heard that staff at a photo developing company became alarmed when they processed the film and handed it over to police.

Welbourne, of Albion Road, Westcliff, was arrested and admitted taking the photos between August 18 and September 11.

Stipendiary magistrate Kevin Gray told him: “You were in a position of trust. I have a duty to protect society including children from people like you. I have no alternative but to send you to prison.”

Mr Gray ordered that the photographs be destroyed and that when he is released from jail Welbourne is placed on the national sex offenders’ register.