January 2015

Paedophile hid criminal history from kind-hearted family

A CONVICTED paedophile is now behind bars after breaking a sexual offences prevention order which banned him from being alone with children under the age of 16.

John Kingwill, of Clay Lane, Burtonwood, was sentenced to two years in prison at Chester Crown Court on Friday after he decided the law did not apply to him.

A court heard how the 66-year-old, who has numerous convictions for indecency with young boys, had been welcomed into a family by woman with two children, who had taken pity on him.

During this time, Kingwill spent time alone with the children – which is prohibited under the order.

Defending, Caroline Harris, argued that Kingwill did not have an ulterior motive for his actions but knew he was in breach of the order.

She said: “He did not seek out this family. He visited a cafe where a lady worked and this lady befriended him.

“She took pity on him as a lonely individual without many friends and took him under her wing. She introduced him to the family.

“This does not negate the breaches but it shows the defendant did not deliberately seek out to break the order.”

At the hearing, Mandy Nepal, prosecuting, spoke about the mother’s shock after discovering his secret past online.

She said: “The defendant began contacting her more and more and this started to make her feel uncomfortable and, because of her feelings of unease, she decided to search for the defendant online.

“She said the discovery left her feeling physically sick and she said she would not have had any contact with the defendant had she known.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, contacted the police and Kingwill was arrested on November 20 and later pleaded guilty to the breaches.

Judge Roger Dutton described his past offending as a ‘grave situation’.

“This is the fourth time you have been in breach of a sexual offences prevention order. You have a very substantial record of criminal convictions for paedophile offences involving young boys.

He added: “There is no suggestion that anything took place but we cannot know or can not speculate what could have happened if she had not made her enquiries and discovered the truth of the situation.”

June 2010

Widnes paedophile escapes jail for order breach

A PAEDOPHILE has avoided a jail sentence after breaking an order which banned him from having contact with children under 16 years of age.

John Kingwill, of Lugsdale Road, Widnes, told authorities he had broken the order after looking after his neighbour’s seven-year-old grandson while the boy’s mother was rushed to hospital.

The 61-year-old was called by his neighbour late at night in March, and asked for a lift to her daughter’s house.

When they got to the house, the mother was unconscious and the seven-year-old boy was upset and distressed.

Joanne Clark, prosecuting, said ‘nothing untoward’ happened while the seven-year-old was in Kingwill’s care, and he informed his neighbour and the child’s mother the next day of his offending history.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Monday that Kingwill had a ‘long-term history of offending against young males’ and substantial previous convictions.

Vanessa Lau, defending, said a representative from the Foundry Church in Widnes was in court to vouch for him as being a man who often helped people in the community.

Miss Lau added: “It was an unintentional breach brought about by unusual circumstances.

“The boy was left in the defendant’s care in an extremely urgent situation, but he accepts he should have explained the matter.

“He was motivated by an intention to help.”

Judge Nicholas Woodward said: “You are subject to a sexual offence protection order which is wholly justified by your repeated sexual offences in the past.

“You have been making excellent progress under the sexual offences programme, and your response to the mistake you made reflects the work you have done has been useful.”

Kingwill was conditionally discharged for 12 months.