Nov 2001

 Sex offender’s sentence cut

A man who sexually interfered with three young girls has had his jail term cut by London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

Geoffrey Newman, 61, formerly of Mersea Island, was sentenced after admitting five counts of indecent assault on June 26.

But three appeal judges have cut his sentence by a third, despite hearing that Newman had been “assessed as posing a high risk” to children that he comes into contact with.

The court heard how Newman sexually assaulted three girls.

“All three girls expressed distress at what happened to them,” Judge Kenneth Zucker told the court.

He added: “Newman presented a high risk to children for his own self-gratification.

“He said his urges were strong enough for him to disregard the law. He felt his behaviour was natural and normal.”

But the judge, sitting with Lord Justice Potter and Mrs Justice Rafferty, said: “In all the circumstances of this case, we conclude that the sentence of six years was too high.

“In our judgement the appropriate sentence is four years.