March 2012

Webcam sex pervert flashed at pupil, 14

A 49-YEAR-OLD man who exposed himself to a teenage girl over the internet has avoided jail.

Married John Kingston, of Hazelwood Close, Sneyd Green, pleaded guilty to exposure after the victim’s mother found details of the conversation on her computer.

Kingston, whose online user name was ‘Dirty Daddy’, struck up a conversation with the 14-year-old in an MSN chatroom.

He told her he was a 47-year-old living in Manchester before attempting to engage in a sexually explicit conversation.

Stafford Crown Court heard that Kingston, who has no previous convictions, revealed his genitals over a webcam during one conversation.

He also gave his telephone number to the girl, which the court was told she saved in her phone as ‘Paedo’.

Kingston also offered to book a hotel room in an attempt to meet the teenager.

David Bennett, prosecuting, said: “He exposed himself via a webcam when in a three-way conversation with the complainant and her friend.

“The parties also spoke about meeting up. He said he would book a hotel room and buy her things. They exchanged telephone numbers, but they never spoke on the phone.”

The conversations, where Kingston asked the girl about her own sexual experience, took place between November 26 and January 20. He was arrested on January 21 after the victim’s mother alerted the police to the chat history between the pair.

Joanne Wallbank, defending, said: “What is plain is the candidness of his description of using the internet to chat to people and to escape from reality where things don’t seem real.

“He didn’t withhold his identity he was easily viewed by the girl so much so she could identify his face.

“He is in a supportive relationship with his wife and in any event he will suffer the indignity of a conviction and being placed on the register.

“As a result of being arrested he’s suffered depression and lost his job.”

Following the arrest Kingston pleaded guilty to a charge of exposure.

Judge Michael Cullum branded Kingston “every parent’s nightmare”.

He said: “At the age of 49 and with good character I suspect no-one, least your wife, expected you to be in crown court pleading for your freedom on a sex offence and you would have suffered a significant amount of disgust and depression after being caught for this unpleasant and serious offence.

“You are every parent’s nightmare. A young girl going on the computer and being in contact with a 49-year-old man, urging her to talk about sexual matters and exposing himself to her.

“This is about her being corrupted and the long-standing damage to someone vulnerable.

“I reject this was not sexually motivated. Your username was ‘Dirty Daddy’ and that demonstrated you were grooming. Fortunately for you, matters have stopped here.”

Kingston was ordered to pay £180 in costs and will be on the Sex Offenders Register for five years. He has also been disqualified from working with children.